How to spend a rainy day

When we woke up this morning, it looked like that from our bedroom window:


Not very motivating to do anything. But we turned this day to a masterpiece.

First, i went downtown to by some cloth. My bathrobe was dead, so i needed a knew one, specially now, when it‘s raining all the time and we are on vacation.

When i came home, M was ready to go out and train, so it motivated me to change clothes and go out for a run. M took his bike and followed me, and it pushed me to run faster as i usually do. 7 km in 40 minutes, for some it may sound slow, but i haven’t run that fast on this “long” distance since last fall or so. So i am pretty happy.


And then, at home, after a good shower and some meat in the oven (first time since last Monday), i sew my new bathrobe. Pretty easy but it took time. I learnt to be precise in order to sew better and i am pretty happy with the result. 180kr of cloth and 5 hours of work.


So now, some rest on the soffa watching the wire.

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