Eastern is best for the weather

Oh I am sorry, but I haven’t found good things to tell you recently. The life is going on as it should and we are enjoying the spring coming up. We took a long walk in the woods today and I had my camera with me. So instead of a long text with too much bla bla, you get some pictures from todays walk.

IMG_6830_2 - Kopia IMG_6833_2 - Kopia IMG_6834_2 - Kopia IMG_6869_2 - Kopia IMG_6874_2 - Kopia IMG_6877_2 - Kopia IMG_6882_2 - Kopia IMG_6883_2 - Kopia IMG_6886_2 - Kopia



We are liking very much the fine weather and as you can see on the vegetation, the nature is not ready yet, no leefs of whatsoever.

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