Galette des rois!

I wondered the whole time during the right week end if I would make a galette des rois but since this cake is based on a puff pastry and for the ones who wonder: it takes time! I am pretty bad at waiting as I may have written thousend times before, so on the right week end, I capitulated. I am not religious at all but I love this cake with almonds in the middle. I can even say that it may be one of my 3 favvo desserts of the world (at least the ones I have tried). So bad, that last year, when we were in France for Xmas, my lovely sister baked one for me.

The advantage of living in France for was it goes about galette des rois, is that you can buy the pastry. You don’t need to spend your whole friday evening to make it, for a dessert that will disapear in 10 min (if I am in the room).

You may think: Why suddentlyg decided this lazy blog writter to make an own galette?

Answer: because I got inspired! Inspiration gives me strength, for real. If someone tells me a personal story, I can take the whole to me and make miracles. This is one of the little things that make my life a pleasure to live: I can’t see the problems at first sight. I see solutions pretty much everywhere, even if some solutions may be difficult to obtain. When I hear someone that realized something,or has a positive attitude, it gives me energy to realize my own projects. I am on the ground a lazy woman and even if I have a lots of ideas, the envy to realize them can die.

What did inspire me just for the galette?

A friend of mine posted a picture of a uncooked croissant on facebook and I was thinking in myself “oh too bad that is croissant was not enough long in the owen! It would have been so easy to make it delicious”. Then, I may have posted an irritating comment, like “pfuii, you should make them by yourself, it would be so much better.” This is me, arrogant and selfconfident “how hard is it actually?”. This sentence annoys M most of all in the world, but to me, it is really near from my “unfear” of making things happen, What could happen, if everything would go wrong? The answer to this question is almost never “Someone could die”. Very often, it doesn’t cost you much more than you pride. And to be honest, my pride is cheap. I am very proud, that’s why I can be generous with it and risk it. That may also be a part of why I don’t regret anything, or almost nothing: I tried.

Back to the galette.

Since I was beeing arrogant on FB, I decided to get out of the couche and try to make one of these puff pastry. It worked pretty well and you can see how a part of it became croissants and pains au chocolat on saturday morning. I was feeling a little bad while I was making it because it was not as easy as it seemed on youtube [for the novice: it costs almost nothing, flower, water and a little salt plus butter, but it takes many hours because you have to wait one hour between each time you are working on the pastry. This pastry doesn’t work for quick fix and what is life other than quick fixes? So on the papper, it is not difficult, not expansive but takes a lots of time].

I was pretty encouraged by the croissants and I found some hand written receipe from my little sister with the galette on, so Hop, I gave it a try on saturday afternoon.

This was before the owen:



The two pastryparts are embracing a mix of almond, sugar and butter. On the top, you paint the galette with the yellow of an egg. The big test was to warm upp the owen at the right temperature, not too cold but not too warm either. The result was the following:


If you aks the public me: it was just W O N D E R F U L!!!

If you ask the critical me: it shoukd have been a little longer in the owen, but not that hot, in order to cook the under part a little bit more. Then, I was missing a little of the butter taste. I had some little trouble making the pastry the day before and had to have less butter in proportion to the rest and I was able to feel it in the galette. Nothing that hurts a poor people here though, I liked it and M liked it too.

The crone is of course handmade and M became the king. Now that I know that I can succeed, I may invite some people next year, to make it more fun to eat together.

My friend was not as lucky and I and had some troubles with her pastry. Too bad, but she has to give it another try! I think I had the chance of the beginner, that’s why it worked out well for me, or maybe that my life is just so easy that I can almost succeed in everything.

This is how I will choose to see it: I can suceed almost everything. And if I am not suceeding, then I have to find other things to do and don’t spend a minute about crying about how it could have been.

A propos success, this exam on sunday is killing my mind, so this week, since I will be alone until friday, I will give it a big effort and read everything I am unsecure about. And then, make my best at the exam. No regrets.

Have a nice evening!


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