Long time no writting on here, sorry. I have been busy with some extra formation for work and I wanted to spend the time left on “free time” with my family. I got the last testes this week, so after that, I will be all ready for some more time on here.

This year, we will probably have a long summer vacation, so we decided (Well, I did and then, up to me to make it work for the three of us…) tp take the train to France, where we will spend some times at my parents place. Last week end, we booked the train between Hamburg and Basel and now, we just have to sew the rest of the travel. It’s fun.

With this plan, then, we have to rethink our way of travelling. Z will be 2,5 years old, we will probably change trains a couple of times before to be at our destination, so we bought a bag pack for carrying our little girl. This will be a challenge, because one will carry her and one will carry the other bag pack, including all our things. Well, fun!

I’ll tell more on it on it was after this summer, I hope it will be funny!

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