20 years after

I remember so well this Sunday evening 20 years ago when the third goal was done during this football game and when France became champion of the whole world in soccer. Oh yeah, for me, 16 years old at this time, it was the beginning of the dawn of my adult life. I did no know anything about football but had a big crush in a guy who loved it, so I did learn some of the rules and the name of the football players. And it went well! The team took itself to final! I got a tee shirt from the team after a bet with my mother, a tee shirt without star yet.

And the third goal came and I got a kiss from my crush. Best goal ever at this moment. The little town I was living close to went totally crazy, champagne from the balcony, Gloria singing “I will survive” everywhere and tons of happy people. It was really something to experience. A moment of pure peace and joy for the most of is in France at this time.

And this year, 20 years after, when the football WM began, I knew it would be a victory for France as well. I did not tell anyone because Sweden was also playing and I was in minority but it became more obvious with the games. Somehow. And I can tell that I’m not a football fan at all, I just felt it in my stomach.

I bought a tee shirt for my daughter when I made a quick visit in France and I took my no-star tee shirt off the cupboard and we began to watch every game with France playing. Z needed the pool game to understand the point, but when we arrived to the final, she got it with the special shirt, the flag and the songs.

And we did win. We= the Bleu blanc rouge in the field and in the hearts. It was wonderful to see my 1,5years old running with the flag at the end of the game. Somehow, she is at the dawn of her life like I was 20 years ago at the dawn of my adult life.

Well done les bleus!

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