This is the name of my new ride. Z will soon go to preschool and it’s located far enough to make us rethinking our locomotion ways. It’s still useless to have a car (and too expensive)  but walking who kill us two hours a day. By bike, it’s half time, so I invested.

I bought the bicycle online, with the support of the shop through chat (we need to have it working with our new stroller and it requires some pieces).  The bike came qt our door, all fixed for the winter (they installed the spike tires on it). I completed the lights with extra and I hope been able to test it this weekend. I want to test the stroller without Z in it as well.

I broke my jaw in a bike accident when I was 7 so no need to say that I’m not a fan of bikes in fact. In our case now,we need it. Plus that we can make local vacations this summer since we won’t have the money at all to travel abroad this year. This year of parental leave did make quite a hole in our finances, so we need to get back on our feet again.

This big investment bellow has two locks. I hope it will be enough to make it stay in the family!


Picture borrowed here:

2 thoughts on “Superior

  1. I think you can still go to Åland for very little money, maybe for a bikecamping trip in the summer.


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