Upgrade in our vehicule parc

Long time no writing here, but life has been quite full with a lots of things recently. Well, no extraordinary things, but common life. Since I decided to cut time off Facebook (read: no facebook scrolling anymore), I will try to use my time a little better and make what I really want to make of my days. Maybe it will result in more blog-posts, I haven’t decided yet, but who knows?

M, Z and I got ourselves a big Xmas present. We bought a Thule Cross bike-car combined to running stroller and normal strolley for quite a little fortune. The thing is that Z will begin preschool/kindergarten in february and we got a place for her quite far from our home and works, so we needed to upgrade our transport facilities. After long months of thinking, measuring, saving and finally deciding, we ordered a Thule Chariot Cross 1, a blue one.

It arrived yesterday at home, so I directly needed to try it, since we even ordered a jogging kit. The point with buying this kind of expensive equipment is that we want to use it a lot. We never bought a stroller for her (we have nice friends for gave one to us), so somehow, we saved some money at the beginning. Now we have different needs with Z and the beautiful days will soon arrive (well, this could be unsure). What we won’t have this year as well is a lots of vacation days (since we worked 50% the past year). And we don’t know our region very much, so this will be the occasion to make day trip with the bicycles and the Chariot Cross 1.

So yesterday, after packing up the stroller, Z and I went to the gas station to put some air in the tires (we need to buy a pump for big ventiles…) and then, we went for a 5K run. At the beginning, I was so excited that I forgot I had to save my power a little. It asked quite some time to get used to how to guide the strolley, but it went pretty well. We ran on asphalt and a gravel path. You can feel the change of ground pretty well, but every training is good training, right?

I stopped quite often to check out if Z was ok. I’m not used not to see her when she is in a stroller, so it asked me some cool down. After 1 km, she felt asleep, so we used the function “seat down” to give her more comfort. As it seems, it was quite comfortable, she wouldn’t have fallen asleep else. When she woke up, she was talking calmly. I tried to answer her, but honestly, after 4km, I felt quite tired and my heart was beating high! This is maybe that which broke my clock: Garmin-friend didn’t want to synchronize with the computer and I had to make a big reset. No big deal though.

This morning, we took a second run and Z was unhappy because of her hat falling down to her eyes. It asked pretty many stops to put it right again and it’s more a problem of hat than a problem of stroller.

On the list for me is to buy a bicycle. I know that I want a lots of different speeds (7 at least) and a bicycle that is not too much flashy, because I don’t want it to get stolen either. And cheap. Some tips?



2 thoughts on “Upgrade in our vehicule parc

  1. Nice to read about your experiences of your new multisport trailer. We are very pleased with our slightly older trailer, a Thule Cougar 1. Concerning tips about bikes, I can recommend the Maria model by Crescent, seven gears which are nice to have when trailing.


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