Social training

Next week, Z and I will have to make a trip to the french ambassy in Stockholm, so we are this week training for it. Today, it was the day to go out with the baby carrier and see how Z reacts to it. Our goal was to say hello to my work during the lunch pause.

It worked pretty well, both the “travel” there and the time spent at my work place. We saw quite a lot of my colleagues, and Z was very curious at everything. She also got her meal there, feeling pretty integrated for a first visit.

This is funny to see adults meeting a two weeks old baby. Everyone begin to talk with high voice and smile. Z was as usual considering them and thinking hard. She had a very serious expression on her face when she was looking around. Later at home, when I changed the diaper, I had another conclusion, much more basic and correlated to the content of the diaper.

A propos looking and eyes and stuff, I noticed a thing in her left eye. Both of her eyes are “baby blue”, meaning pretty dark blue, as every baby has at the beginning of their life. But in her left eye, there is a trace of brown that I clearly could see when she was in the light, watching at me. Let’s see if it will remain.

We are at home now and I can see how she sleeps on my side. I should sleep too. The night was short. Actually, she sleeps pretty well for a 2 weeks old baby: meal at 22, meal at 3 or 4 and meal at 6 or 7. In between, it’s silent, or small dreaming noices from her. But for me, it means 6+2 – 1  (food time at 22)- 1 (food time at 3 or 4) = 6 hours of sleep, which is for me a way too little. If she would skip the meal in the middle of the night, it would be perfect. When does it happen?

My goal with the blog is not to write only about bebis life, but I hope that you understand that it takes most of my time right now and that it is a big revolution for me, which gives me a lots to think of.

For the record: I began this post at two oclock this afternoon and I am about to finish it now at half past four. In between, I have been feeding, comforting and singing for Z. The social part from today did take on her strengths I think.





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