Broloppet! I did it!!

This week-end was for me rich in emotions. I went to Malmö to run the Broloppet, an half-marathon between Copenhaguen and Malmö.

The first unsecure thing was the weather. It didn’t look well in Hässleholm…


Then, i arrived to Malmö, checked in at the hotell, went out to load with another pasta meal…


This is funny how people have advices about what you have to eat before a race and stuff, but nobody tells you what you have to eat at the breakfast the day of the race. I choose Gröt, which is pretty good when you’re going to ski, so i thought it was good too for a half mara preparation.


Then, it was time to go to the busses. I picked up my nummer the day before, so now, i just had to meet some colleagues there and go into a buss. The time when i was waiting for the buss, i had some big discussion, my feet and i. Would they take me over to the swedish side again?


The busses took us over to Danmark around 12h30 and the run should not begin until 16. When we got out the bus on the danish side, we got a big cold shower for free and i was just prayin not to get a cold because rain got through all the layers i had. The good point of the organisation was also that there were about 16 bajamaja in the start area, which means that if you wanted to pee before the race, you had to queue like 1 hour.

Then, it was time to go to the start, loaded by a warming sun but strong wind.


The pressure was big, people were laughing but stressed though, funny to see and i was not more proud myself. I mean, the most i ran before was 15 km in a row, so it was kind of a test…

The first part of the run was into a tunnel, which became a sauna after some hundred meters. Really really hot, but i did not  want to through my jacket away, it was too windy outside and i was thinking of the bridge.


The mood was very good, people screaming, clapping in their hands and still with a lot of energy. Really motivating, when you know that you have 17 km left when you get out the tunnel. And you see the brigde far away, the up until you come here and people before you, a lot of people and a lot of people behind you too.

pont loin

We ran on the north side of the bridge, the south part was closed for cars during 1h30 and it opened again when i still was on the bridge. In order to keep motivation, i was counting the lamps on the bridge. It took my thoughts to something else, and i did not feel how hard it was. It was really windy and sometimes, it make me win 10cm per step, really powerfull! and I was really happy to have my jacket, because this wind was cold.

About at km10, and after 1h02 running, i came on the bridge. It is fantastic to be so closed to this giant construction. And it was picture time, so everyone streched up and smiled, thought the pain in the legs. I was feeling quite OK actually, good motivation, i was really happy there.


When the brigde ended, we still had 5 km to run and it was the most horrible part of the run. The last 5km… I never ran that long, so my brain was screaming me to stop and at the same time motivating me and told me “come on, 1km more, and then one more, you can make it”. I find the motivation in following an old lady (around 60-70 i guess) who was runing really regularly and a little faster than me. I did not want to be beaten by an older one! At the last watter check, i just kept on running and came before her.


I came to the goal after 2h08 running and passing the line, i thought my legs would abandond me. It was cold, they were sore but i was so proud of me! I was about to cry so happy i was, i wanted to hug someone so bad, but i did not knw anyone around me and was not really to make spontan hugs like that, unprofessional ;) but i was really closed to cry. Wonderfull feeling going through my body. Then, we got a banana, a medal, water and time to freeze our asses because of the queue.

I met my colleagues at the tent and then figures out that i had to walk back to the hotell. I had to talk a long time with my legs to make them carry me home, but i managed. It was actually nice to feel that you can make something more than usual only if you have the motivation. When i arrived at the hotell, i ordered a drink and a beer to drink in my bed and after a good and long shower, i laid down, drank and slept like a (drunk) baby.


It was a really good experience, but i promised myself between km19 and km20 to NEVER  register to a real marathon. NEVER EVAAR!!! But maybe some others half ones, it was funny and a good feeling afterwards. Try it, you may like it!