Life on a stick

It feels like that when a big milestone is behind me. The halfmarathon of saturday was one and it feels a bit empty, but relaxed at the same time. No press to go outside and run according to a certain program, now, it is just for fun.

This morning, I went out for a run before to go to work and it was lovely. A wonderful summer morning! The birds were totally crazy and the air was fresh, but not cold. My legs felt strong and I was running without thinking of how slow or fast I was. When I came back home, I saw my velocity: 5’30 min/km in average – Ok, it was only 4km – and I felt happy. I just have no clue what is the next goal, what it goes with training.

For the rest, the moving is coming soon (less than a month) and there is a lots of practical things to fix. I am looking forward this change in life. Maybe it is in my nature not to feel satisfied after some years at the same place? This new start is very exciting, with new habbits, new hobbies and maybe this is a good occasion to try a new sport?

M is soon finished with work (at least I wish) and we will go to the gym. I feel for it. I want to row. Don’t know why.

2014_IMG_7279 - Kopia

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