My version of the semi marathon of Paris

This is how i experienced the semi mara. Big experience and a lots of feelings along the way.

All began in 2010 when a friend and I decided to run an half marathon in 2011. At the beginning, we wanted to run in Rome at the end of februari but the website was kind of weird, so i thought it would be a good idea to change the city and some weeks later the occasion was given to run in Paris, so i registred the 2 of us. It was a funny phone call we had this day.

Me: hello, look at your mail.

Her: WTF!!!??? is that a registration for the half mara in Paris?

Me: exactly!

It was 126 training days left, so everything was about to keep the motivation high and run hard. Which i did pretty well during the hard winter in Sweden and withouth my friends from Vilsta IK, I wouldn’t. Thank you there for the strenght and inspiration!

Saturday the 5th of march, it was time for us to pick up our startnumbers. Time also to check how long we needed with the metro to go to the start and check where the WC was and where we would meet our personal cheerleaders at the finish line and stuff. I felt the pressure going up, i even bought a yellow tee shirt, which has the same yellow as the swedish flag. It felt less lonely than in Malmö, i could express my excitement with my friends and i really was looking forward the day

I slept pretty good this night but woke up totally excited. All these days of training would be put on the judging line! It was a very sunny morning and on our way to the Chateau de Vincennes, we were not really alone.

Of course, we needed to pee before the start. And i wonder one thing. Why oh why there are always so much WC there… Like 5 for 30000 runners. This is about obligatory for everyone to pee before the start, no? OK, the guys can go in the bushes but for us girls, it’s like more… hum… NOT! We had the time there to chatt with a lady before us, she had a startnumber for the grupp 1h45, but she seemed well, hard to say, but it seemed ambitious. But she was nice and i was pretty excited, which means very happy. And it was kind of cold too, so after 30 min waiting for the WC to be

free, we were frozen too.

Then, it was time for us to go in our startgroup. We had the ambition to run under 2hours. We landed at the end of the group but thought “ah well, no problem, tile will be taken with the chip, so it will be all OK”. We passed the start approximlatly 20 minutes later than the champions. I had all my fingers frozen. People threw away their extra tee shirt and stuff, so the start area and the first kilometers was like a garbage space. It was also very SLOW!

I ran the first kilometer in 6min30 and it was not because i wanted to be slow, only because there were slow people everywhere. I began to think that it would be very difficult to come ahead the 5min30 per kilometer i had as goal. I needed 27 min to run the 5 first kilometers but it felt  like I spent these first kilometers running back in my normal time and saying “sorry” to people i was beating with my elbows. Pretty irritating if you ask me. Plus i recovered my fingers around the 7th kilometer and it was hurting as hell. But the legs felt good, the heart too.

At the 8th kilometer, we left the wood and arrived in the city. There was a nice view on Paris but honestly, i focused on the ground and not to run on somebody. At the 9th kilometer, Rue de Taine, there was a big upphill and i felt so strong! I ran away a lots of people, feeling like i was flying up the hill and i was also screaming to people about to walk “ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ!” some of them did run again but everyone was surprised that someone shouted some cheering at them. It was going all down at Avenue Daumesnil and i was still feeling super light and running like the wind. I was checking my time and it was pretty ok. I passed the 10 kilometers line after 53 minutes running. I was happy, smiling and even singing to some entertaining songs. I had for example Agnes screaming in my hears and i did sing it ahah

Directly after the 10km line, i saw some nice firemen on the side, so i stopped, make a kiss on the cheek to one of them and went on my way back to the semi marathon, hearing them laughing-

The avenue Daumesnil was long though. Before to arrive at Bastille, it felt heavy and hard. I was about to walk and had problem to keep me running. I took some pictures to think of something else, but they are as disturbed as i was.

And then, suddently, i saw 2 guys, Julien and Matthieu (was written on their tee shirt) running on my side. They were at the start with my friend and I, so i thought i would stick with them. They helped me to run through Bastille, to run up the quai des célestins and i remembered to look at the landscape and see Notre Dame de Paris. My cheerleaders were at bastille but i missed them. I also tried to watch the marie de Paris (cityhall), which is a nice building, but it was a hard time there too.


When we turned right rue de Rivoli, i felt better. I had lost Julien and Matthieu but felt a little bit better. I passed the 15km line after 1 hour 21 which was exactly what i planned to do. It meant that i succeded in running back the minutes i lost at the beginning. The puls was high, about 195 but i thought “shit, i trained so long for that, i will not give up now, i will keep on
doing a good work”.

Rue de Reuilly was an obstacle though. A 2kilometer looooong uphill, i thought i would die, specially because it began where your brain is thinking you were totally crazy to register this race, kim 17. Really long. Luckily, i had some girl from Norway singing in my hears “hold on be strong” and i can tell you, music makes wonders! i run upp the hill all the time.

At the top of the hill, they served us some energy drink. I had been really carefull with that, because i did not want to shit on myself but at this point, it was all about to survive. Juli did tqke over the music and some german pop can also make wonders: “das ist die perfekte welle, das ist der perfekte tag, lass dich einfach von ihr tragen, denk am besten gar nicht nach”. I survived.

After the km 19 we were in the parc de Vincennes again. Long roads but i was still running over some people, giving me strengh with every step. It was also a place where people who were tired tried to run, then walked then tried to run again, so i just cheered everyone i could to make them make some further running steps and it worked pretty well. I had Eddie Vedder in the hears and thought i would make it within the time i planned to, so i felt happy, even if my legs were hard like concrete.

Such is the way of the world
You can never know
Just where to put all your faith
And how will it grow
Gonna rise up
Burning back holes in dark memories
Gonna rise up
Turning mistakes into gold

Such is the passage of time
Too fast to fold
And suddenly swallowed by signs
Low and behold

Gonna rise up
Find my direction magnetically
Gonna rise up
Throw down my ace in the hole

These lyrics were making me almost cry at this point. I don’t know if i was too tired or if i was just feeling happy, but when i passed the goal line, i was the happiest person in the world. Even if it doesn’t seem like that on the picture. I may have been in a kind of a transcendantal state. Georges can confirm. Plus you may note that it was very important for me to run on the blue line, which was the reference for the right distance ahaha
We got some oranges, apples, water, a gold medal and when i saw my friends, Nina Persson was sining “don’t you know that love is stronger than jesus, love can kill anyone”. I streched on the floor there because i already felt my legs hurting.
It has been some days now that i ran and my legs hurt a little. The most difficult was to go from sitting to standing and the stairs of course. Stairs are things you meet when you take the subway in Paris, so i missed some trains, but when i remember why it hurted, it also made me smile and very proud of myself, taking ma all around Paris half marathon in 1 hour, 57 minutes and 30 seconds. Not sure that i have another rticle on this blogg with that much pictures of me, and i can proudly make the “outfit of the day” and tell you that i wore a black ski tee shirt, a yellow adidas tee shirt for the hald of the swedish flag, the leggings from my favo club Vilsta IK and my running shoes.

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  1. Härligt att läsa – känner igen mig i de partier där det känns så tungt att man nästan ger upp men lite bra musik kan alltid peppa mig också. Superbra sprunget är verkligen jätteimpad!


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