My version of Stockholm half marathon

Here we go. A day after the big run, i can tell you how it was. From my point of view.

It was a very sunny day and Stockholm was full of people ready to run 21,1km in a good mood. I had a good night of sleep behind me and i began to feel some excitment when i walked to the start, after a good bye kiss to M. I was feeling a little bit alone though during the warming up just under the castle. And it was warm. At 16.15, it was time for my group to begin the race. Everyone was starting a little to fast for me, so i let them run and i was holding my goal: to run this half mara between 1h55 and 2h00. I had 2 armbands with the time for each kilometers, so i was able to check myself.


I lost the satelite connexion in the tunnel we first ran into and it was a way less good mood than between Copenhaguen and Malmö 2010. No one was clapping or screaming. Everyone was seriously focusing on running quick. For my part at this moment, i was focusing on the KM3,5: water. I needed water, it was a way too warm for me at this time. I finally arrived at the first drink station and i just found energydrink, so i took a glass of it, thinking i would better have had water but this energy drink may give me some energy maybe? The name cannot be too wrong?

I arrived at the KM5 and i was totally OK according to my goal with the time. I was feeling a little lonely though and i was missing music. I decided before the run not to take my mp3 with me because i wanted to enjoy the run but it was maybe a little wrong, since i had no friend running with me.


I think it was around km6. At km8, my stomach began to say that it was not a good idea this half marathon, it was hurting and since i usually never drink energy drink, my stomach was also telling me that it was not very smart what i did at KM3,5. But i kept om running and tried to keep my goal.

When i ran through the KM10, i had the company of Mark Levengood, a famous people here in sweden and he was smiling really a lot and he is very tall, so i managed to run like 700meters with him but no more, he was making one step while i was making 3, so it couldn’t work. Here you got an interview of him after the race:

At km10, i was also in the time. Pretty cool, but a really hurting stomach.

It was big to run so close to the swedish gouvernment but it was much bigger to stop to the toiletts under the castel after KM12. I really had to stop and i was thinking, that ok, one stop, i needed it, so i would loose some minutes but maybe i would be able to feel better after that.


I was really happy to find other toilets at KM15 and at this point, i had lost so much time that i decided to make the run for the fun, since i would not even beat my time from Broloppet (my first halfmara). I made a thirsd stop at km17 and after that, my stomach was better. I was able to enjoy the last 4 km, which i did not do neither in malmö och in Paris. M was around the castle but i missed him and i went through the goal after 2h13 of running.


I am pretty dissapointed of my performance but now i know that i need about 14 km to get rid of an energy drink. Too bad to test it during this day, when the weather was optimal for a run and on this half mara, which was kind for the legs. No big upphill, some nice downhills. My legs hurt a little today, but it is surely because i did not streched after. I met M, who gave me a rose. This made me happy but not able to forget completely how useless it has been to have run almost 500km to prepare for this special run.


almost at the goal

I don’t know if i will register another one. Right now, i feel more like i need to keep on running long, you never know when the next time will be.