Food to come

This week-end, I decided to plant some vegetables, the ones that need to have grown a little bit before to live in the real ground. We have a perfect balcony for that: in the sun from noon and until the sun goes to bed and with glas, which makes the temperature confortable, even if it’s still freezing during the nights.

I found around in my seeds the ones I wanted to plant now, and my choice was: concumber, sunflower, basilic, red beets, some unknown flowers, sallad and some green peas. I cannot wait to see the result. We have been promised a little piece of land at 10 min walk from where we live, I am also very excited to see how it looks like and what we will be able to grow there.

So long, I just have to remember the wattering!

2015_IMG_9338 - Kopia


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