Company and snowman (again!)

The trip on the boat to Finland went well. There was not too much people and the loading with the car allowed us to be first on the boat almost, by obliged to wait in some waiting room it get on board: you stay in your car and you just drive in the boat.

We are at one of the restaurant and it was not a cheap business for two hamburgers… Anyway, both M and I were very tired, so we just ate and took a little visit on the boat.

A band was playing some Roxette covers and it was pathetic to watch this: experienced artists singing for maybe 20 people and no one was clapping hands. Well, after that, it was time for some dansband and three couples danced.

We went pretty quick in our cabin and let us swing in our dreams by the boat.

At 5 in the morning Swedish time (which is one hour later in Finland) we woke up and went slowly to the car for the arrival in Finland. The sun was still in bed and it was all foggy around. We arrived in an industrial harbor and the mood was strange, perfect mood for a film about disappeared people or so.

We drove about 1h30 and came to our friends place in Rauma. It was pretty early so we began with a good breakfast. Then, before to fall in a sleep coma, we went downtown for a walk and a visit of the city. We met this sculpture on our way:


We went back home and took a nap. The night was short, so we needed to refill. After that, we bathed sauna and we spent a really nice evening together. Really nice!

When I woke up in the morning, I noticed the fresh snow, about 15 cm. and very good snow to make a snowman, admire:


Well! Now the me for some more social time before to travel back home!

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