Small things

I left home 5.45 this morning, M was sleeping silently and outside, the wind was blowing as hell.

I had tons of nightmares last night, mostly based on relationships issues I had/have not resolved and it felt awful.

I am right now sitting on the train to Stockohlm and in the seat on my right, there is a man working in his laptop. He is funny, around 55 I guess, white shirt, expansive city shoes. The first thing he did when he was at his place as to take his shoes off, showing colorful socks. He must be boss somehow. He is wearing glasses, and when he looks at his computer, he puts a second par of glasses on his nose: the cheap way to have progressive glasses! This fact is pretty unfitting with his expansive clothes. Anyway, he seems sympathetic.

On my other side, there is a woman, she may be a boss as well, around 60 years old what I can guess. She did the same as me: ate her breakfast and felt asleep. She is both womanly and practical dressed. This is actually a dilemma in Sweden: you may want to wear a nice dress of so but what comes to the shoes, you really have to wear something that is strong and unfragile. In a period like now, when snow was here not so long ago and can come back again, there is a lots of salt and sand everywhere and it destroys sensitive shoes. Myself, I have a solid pair of dc martens and regrets not been more feminine. This will last until at least the end of April. And it begins again in October. The rest of the year, you need shoes that tolerate water, since it’s raining pretty often.

Ah you see: big reflections on this Thursday morning!

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