Time, where are you?

We are thrusday evening, 18th of december and this is the first time since a long time that I am sitting and breathing. Oh, I have been breathing though but not in front of my computer.

I have spent the 3 past days in Stockholm for work, but found the time to meet a friend yesterday evening for the dinner. She is a very experienced french woman, living in Sweden since the 60’s and she is one of the most interesting people I know. Surprising, smart and loving culture, the discussions are always funny and very interesting. Plus she gives me some power when I have some downs, being a foreigner in Sweden. She has done it, so why not me?

For the rest, I am waiting for snow but it seems that we will have a rainy christmas again. It was already like this last yer and what to do? Nothing. The good part of getting dark so early is that you can avoid to see all the clouds and the rain falling. What for a compensation?

Ok, time to tips for nice and untertaining music: the VO of the film The grand hotel Budapest, enjoy!

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