I went to Gothenburg wednesday and yesterday. I took the train and it was cold and rainy. When I arrived on the west coast, the sun was shining and it felt like summer. Incredible how you can change of mood in some (4) hours of train. I cleaned my phone some months ago from all the useless apps and this traintravel was good for my mind. I had the time to think and admit that my life is pretty awesome. I may complain a lot but I am really greatful for what I have.

Anyway. I took a picture from the train:


regn - Kopia

A propos picture, I took some portraits at work on tuesday. We needed some professional pictures for our contact book and I got to made them. Since the model I live with doesn’t like to be on picture, I am not very used to take pictures of people. But the result was almost as good as from a real photograf (if I may say it myself) and I was pretty happy with it. I won’t post the pictures on here, obviously because I don’t know if the people want to be worldwide known (did you know that almost 50 unique people read this modest blog in broken english every day? It amazes me! Who are you?).

When I woke up this morning, the light was wonderful, I will see if I can make something from the quick shot I made. You will see later on here.

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