9 years and one day

half way for a jubileum.

I wrote a post after 5 years in Sweden and I wondered the following things, which i can try to answer today, even if I have one year left:

How will my life be in 5 years? Good. At least 4 years after the question, I love my life. I am healthy, have a partner that I love, familly that is healthy too, a job that I like and can grow with, a nice appartment, and good food (almost…) all the time.

Still in Sweden? yes! who would have guessed?!

In Eskilstuna? No, Linköping it is since 2011. Time flies, I still feel like I moved 6 months ago.

Some progress? Of course! I took bike driving licence (costed me a arm and a lots of tears) and I drove down to France alone during the summer 2010. I changed job 2, wait no 3 times and each time because I wanted to. I am living with the man of my dreams (and he has been since 2005, so it’s not a new story, but a strong one, I tell you!), We own a nice appartment (well to be honest: part of it and a big loan at the bank). The familly I lived with for a year 9 years ago is still around, even if it’s digital now since they moved to San Francisco. Well, progresses in the continuity!

Who will be around me? some are the same, some dissapeared. This is what life is about, isn’t it?

What will be my new memories? Maybe too early to tell.

Will i still write my life on here? yeah, surprisingly! I changed the blog portal and need to clean a little bit, but I am still writting, more or less useless things, but this is a good way to have some small texts and memories from what happened in life, both big and little.

Will i have more readers or always the 5 same faithfull ones? The statistics from today tell that I had around 30 unique readers yesterday. Is that true? can you my readers just say hello in a comment down there to show your fidelity? This would be nice and give me some more motivation to write things here, if you like to read my trams or to watch my pictures.

Will i have done something big that make me proud of myself? hum, hard question. Actually, I am very proud of myself, but it’s called narciscism at this point. I think I was meaning things that meant to someone else. I am not sure of my answer at this time. The quickest answer could be that I try to protect the environment by making sustainable choices. Like I should have begin years ago, I feel ashamed, but I try to make it.

Will i have made people around me happy? Oh I don’t know and it would be pretentious to answer that by my self. I let you my closest readers the power to answer that!

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