a long week end and 13K

Even if the weather is colder than last week end, we are enjoying a long and almost sunny week end. The week end began on wednesday and we L O V E it! Thursday was used to rest and fix things at home and yesterday, we drove to Motala to look at some art. It was good to get some new perspectives and some nice pieces of art. When we went back home, I hade my new trailshoes waiting for me to try them.

I was a little tired and I haven’t run so long the past weeks, so I decided to take a short run, depending on how the new shoes would feel. They were so confortable that the run became 13K long. What for a big difference there is between new running shoes and shoes that have run 1000 km! I felt like I was flying almost!

I met a lots of new friends in the forest, judge by yourself how cute they are:


moutons - Kopia soleil - Kopia vache - Kopia

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