I am still as bad for the titles of my posts I notice, sorry!

So this is saturday on our earth and we are happy of that. The only problem is that we slept the day away. We were very tired after this week and I am very much ooking forward the sleeping mornings from next week. Sleeping morning DELUXE it will be!

We made our first xmas tree and here you get a bad picture of it:


I felt some kind of nice provocation from a friend in Germany, so I did compete and bought a big tree. This is actually making the mood a little more to party mood and makes it very OK to drink Glögg whenever. And we do. It is raining outside and this is all grey, I don’t want to put a picture of it because it could depress even the most positiv human being.

Yesterday, I made a good action. Or “made”: it was already all done but my friend, who is also a colleague, was very happy of it. Nice to help! And the good thing was that I helped him during the lunch and had my minutes of sun. The cathedrale in Linköping is pretty big and impressive when you get at its feet and somehow, I don’t understand why people with power needed to show it so far. Well, a religious thought is for another post. Here you get anyway my sun from yesterday and maybe some minute of reflexion:

domkyrkan2 - Kopia


For the rest, I am 46 km away from 700 before New years eve and I may achieve this i I found some good motivation this week end to take me out for a long run in the rain. You feel my motivation?

I’ve got a little project in my head for the spring, at least when I will be done with all this studying. I need to make up a plan there too, the exams are coming soon and I feel like I have a tons of books to reread and this is not so funny now. I spent all my free time almost studying and I grew tired of it. Of course, this is a good investment for my little self, but it is so much more easier to write a long non sens post on here than to read about laws all the time. I need to send 2 homeworks this week end, so this is pretty busy.

M is downtown, to buy my xmas-gift. I wonder what it could be. I wish me a proposal, but I guess he will be more material than that. Maybe he will get me a ring? Who knows?

OK, I will take a quick shower to wake me up and then, study. Hard.

Have a nice week end readers, maybe you will get some more pictures tonight or tomorrow!


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