A lucky day

When I wrote this morning, I was totally on the way to die of tiredness. For Real! Then, I arrived in Västerås and had a wonderful day with colleagues and a lots of new thoughts in my head. Plus I got to see the reality, meaning in our jargon that I went outside my office. Me liked! Thanks L for the welcoming!

Then, on the train back to home, I felt asleep million times and it was luck that Linköping was the last station. I browsed a little on facebook and saw that a childhood frind is pregnant, like really pregnant. It’s not the first time in my surroundings but I have to admit that the female hormons of my 31 years and a half body are waking up.

This week end, we are going to be in Småland, where M is from and we will for sure make a visit to a cimetary. I think I also would like sometimes go to the cimetary where my grand parents are burried. This is just so unpractical and I always thought that it was a little crazy to have one day just for that, we can think of our ancesters.

Nowadays, I got a lots of thoughts about where I come from and what I am building. I am feeling really secure with who I am now, but I have this need to put small bricks on their place to be more stabile. My future, I have a picture of it. I know where I am off to and I am happy about it!

For tonight, I need to read laws and laws and laws. I will make it in my bed, since M has gone to Ljungby tonight but before to put myself there, I will put the winter plaid I tell you! I am freezing here, but not for long!!

Oh, and today, you get a song:

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