Seven weeks

Seven weeks ago, our family went through a big transformation. We became 3. I still don’t realize that we have this little girl in our life. The nights are better, the days never the same and Z is growing fast. She smiles and “talks” and it’s funny to be around when she is in a good mood. When the evenings come, it’s more a tired little girl that we have at home and it’s not always easy to understand what she wants. Somehow, we manage it. And the sweetest is: when she eats, she holds one of our fingers.

What I also like is that we still have our habbits, like friday bubbles and I never met so much people in Uppsala than I do now. It’s almost too much sometimes, but really nice! We moved here 15 months ago and don’t know many people, but Z is opening doors for us. I also love the family we became, I love how she smiles at M when he comes back from work.

I’ve been using her hours of sleep during the days to pick up my old project “Stories” and it is fun to write, even if it’s not very good. By the way, leave me some comments to make me improve my writing, I would appreciate it!


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