2 months and some days

Our little girl is growing. She got the priviledge to meet her grand parents from my side. This was funny to see how she was surprised that our visitors still was here on day 2 (they were the firsts to sleep over at our home since she was born) and how she reacted with them. My arms was the place she wanted to be when it was too unusual and at the end of the week, she did not smile to M anymore when he came back from work. These two things made me think a lot. I don’t want to be the only person she finds safety with. I want her to find her dad as safe as me.

She is now much more expressive than she was before. We get smiles pretty often when she is awake and she now knows how to “talk” to us. She understood that we react pretty fast when she cries so she cries when she wants something else than she already has. She doesn’t want to lay down anymore when she is awake. No, she wants to sit. the only problem is that she is not strong enough to sit by herself, so we need to “sit with her”. She still can be in her baby-gym pretty long alone (we are around of course) and find it interesting. Another pretty good thing too is the nights. She is very nice. I don’t want to talk too early and “break the magic” but I’ll tell you later.

In other words: we are very lucky.

Yesterday, on womens day, I thought a lot of how it will be for her later. How will it be for her to grow in this world as a girl and later woman?


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