Strange summer

We still have our jobs and our health but this summer, we stayed at home the whole 5 weeks of vacation. (I worked one week in the middle).

We have been discovering the city, sleeping, running, eating (a lots of time at the restaurant…), And gardening. Our balcony has been my heaven, I love to spend time there and look at the plants. In a very little scale, we had radishes, carrots, wild strawberries, potatoes. We have seen our 3 apples getting bigger and now the broccolis, tomatoes and cucumbers are in the making. I have been pretty worried for the pollinisation of the cucumbers. We have one solitary bumblebee coming every morning but the flowers are living only one day, so I was afraid that he misses his job.

But I saw him at work this morning and this made me happy. Maybe we will have one cucumber after all!

Time for work tomorrow, let’s see if I can still eat my breakfast on the balcony then…

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