Best neighbors

Long time no see. Life is going on, with this still Covid situation. We stay home, together but meet no one. It is pretty hard not to be social and we also need to renew our discussions home. Pretty often, we come back to the same themes, with the same opinion. How I miss the debates during dinner with friends!

The other day, I met a neighbor by the bicycle parking and she was going to buy flowers. I asked her where she goes, since I haven’t found a place for that yet and she told me about one flower shop, that made registration as well, meaning you get flowers at regular intervals. I went to the shop, ordered and yesterday, I got to pick up my first flowers. I thought of my neighbor and bought her some flowers as well as thank you.

I rang at her door, around noon and after a little time, she opened, with kind of s worried face. I face her the flowers and she shined! So wonderful to see. I went back home directly and felt happy to have seen her smile.

Later on Facebook, I saw this post below. I am the “best neighbor” and felt once more uplifted by the message. And I got an SMS this morning as well. To read the answers on the Facebook post plus all the rest makes me think that sometimes, I make good around me.

Have s nice weekend!

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