L’encre de tes yeux

Oh, so long time ago I was listening to this song. Venice seemed unreachable. For fact, I was never there but I moved much farther than this town.

So tonight, I wonder if Francis is for real still thinking of this girl he talked about. as a teenager, I listened to this song thousands of times, wishing for my “prince” 1) to see more and 2) to tell me all these romantics words. For real Francis, are you still even thinking of this girl? Do you even remember her name? What did she do that was so unbelievable? No, i don’t mean how she looked like, I mean, what she did.

When the next song on the playlist goes on, I get even more sentimental. Samedi soir sur la terre. How many times did I and my friends listen to it, trying to picture the role perfectly and above all, play it perfectly, at this bad disco, le sirocco. How many girls went home disappointed (or raped)? What was the limit between the will to fit in a do g everyone was listening to and one’s real needs to explore love and life? This text is resuming the whole well: it’s only a normal Saturday night.

To everyone out there wondering if you should fit in any model: be yourself, say yes and no as you wish and be strong. Life’s not easy and no one will ever be ready for your negative.

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