This spring has been very special for many of us all around the world. We have been working from home, Z was able to go to preschool, we haven’t met anyone indoors and the outdoors meetings have been few and with few people. Luckily, we don’t have any people in our relationships who has been sick but it is very uncertain when -if ever- life will be as before the 12th of march.

To comfort myself, I’ve been transforming our balcony into a garden. We don’t have much place to sit but it’s so green and full of slow life that my heart gets all filled with love when I close the window at night. I really miss the contact with Earth, plants, animals. It’s just to admit that we are not soon to be in this phase in our life. Neither money nor time.

We’ll stay in Uppsala the whole summer this year. We began a list with all the things we want to try here and it’s actually exciting. Very sad not to meet anyone of course but to be s tourist in our own town is funny.

This is also the first time since I can remember that I’m not living the place where I live for some vacation. This is s huge privilege. It’s mentally special to escape the place you choose to live every year. The weirdest is maybe to panic because you may not leave the place you choose to live for a week a year. We’ll stay. It’s up to us to be creative and make the best of it.

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