Don’t miss your own train

Monday on earth. This day is a celebrations day, when M and I decided to officially say yes to each other. Memorable. But now to something else.

I forced myself to go outside for 10 minutes during the lunch time today. It was all cold but so sunny.  It would have been easy to just sit in the kitchen at work and talk away these minutes to unecessary talk. Don’t missunderstand me, I like my colleagues very much, but in the pressure and stress I live in today, I need fresh air in the middle of the day. This article from New York times (not really new, january 2015) describes how two groups had to walk (different program for each group) and everyone found it made them more efficient at work during the afternoon. Then, a lots of them aknowledged that they did not maintain this habbit. Of course. But don’t missunderstand me, I’m not better at all. I begin with an exception tomorrow because of a all day meeting.

But I don’t want to miss my own train. I don’t want to waste hours of thoughts and take the stress with me at home because I was not able to make as much as I wanted during the day. I want to achieve things but at a normal rythm. So I’ll try not to come late to my station and continue my travel through life with the head out of the open window of an old fashioned train. I want my train to be like the orient express, to drive slowly through gigantical landscapes, to stop when it’s too beautiful to see in movment and to enjoy others company at the restaurant wagon, while watching around how beautiful the world is.

Will you miss own train?

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