Find your own stream

A good Sunday is half gone, but we made funny things. We woke up early, and took the train to Stockholm to go to the aquarium. Z enjoyed the whole thing, even taking the tramway for the first time.

When we were watching as the fishes, it strucked me how difficult it is not to follow the stream. I mean, when I watched the fishes, the predators had no problem to swim all alone in whichever direction. The little ones, who usually are eaten by others swim together. It’s fine as well, but what do a little fish if he/she wants to make something else? (If he/she remembers…)

You don’t need to be a predator to swim in your own stream. You just need a little more courage than the normal little fish and swim away. You can stay close to your group if you want, but find your own stream, the will to make what you like will help you to conquer your fears.

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