You shall be creative

One week since I had the time to sit and write a little. The weeks just pass by and we just have the time to survive them it seems.

Right now, it’s very intense. M just began at his new job, Z is trying to accept the preschool as good as she can and I’m struggling with a lots of work and wills and my days only have 24 hours.

The other day, when I was going home, I saw this car on a parking lot. Someone had been very creative and it made me smile. Actually, even if there is a lots of things happening around, it’s not impossible to make it easier to get through with a little bit of humor and creativity.

Z is a good teacher for that. Even if she is in a period when “no” is her most common word (and she means it…), she even manages to see beautiful things through the every day life. She gets curious of everything and doesn’t care if someone else wants something else. She just enjoys. I should do more like her. I mean, of course I’ll go to work on time and do my work there, but if the days could be a little more joyfull, it would be nice-o.

Challenge for this week: you shall be more creative! Good luck!


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