When you want to reach the stars…

… And all you see is only grey clouds… 

I was travelling to Dalarna for the work this afternoon and this was good to have some time for reflexion in the train. I had a lots to think of at work. Life goes fast and when you work half week and are dedicated to your work, it’s important to keep in mind the proce of the days at home with your baby. I really like the repartition we have with M but it’s easy done for me to fall into work thoughts the part of the week I’m not supposed to work.

But it happens as well that I think of Z while working. For example,  I saw a mum with a three-four months old baby waiting for the train. I thought of my little girl, who just learnt how to bubble with her mouth.

And for those who wonder, no, the grass is not green in Sweden yet. It’s only half in may, so be patient. Scarf, gloves and head protection are still welcome. 

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