19 weeks

If I count well, our little girl is today 19 weeks. I stopped to count her age in weeks I’m noticing now. She is soooo big now! Yesterday,  for the first time in her life, she had naked legs. It has been a very warm afternoon,  a big contrast from the weather since she was born in January. Well, maybe it has been warm for the period of the year, but not enough to put these little legs out for too long.

Life begins to have some clarity. To find a good balance between work and time at home, to take care of our home, to do things in the weekend and so, M and I are a good team. 

It helps lot that we have our hours of sleep. Z sleeps between 20:30 and 7:00 since she was 1,5 months old. This is surely irritating for others who fight with that in years. I have respect for that of course! In our case, Z never slept in our bed. Not even in our room. She doesn’t know anything else so far. In the evening,  when she is tired,  but not asleep,  we put her in her bed (around 20:30),  give her her favo toy and she falls asleep alone, talking to herself. It takes between some minutes to 30 minutes but we let her do so. If we go in the room to check,  we don’t interfere with her process. Yesterday,  she was crying louder than usual in bed. We didn’t understand why, so I took her socks off and put off the blanket and voilà! She felt asleep within 3 minutes after that. Not easy to read her mind! But as I said, we are very lucky with that. 

Food is another story. Every meal is kind of a fight. We get through it but it’s a thing thst csn give us anxiety. We want her to grow and my hopes are now in the fact that she is curious about normal food.so far, we just give baby pudding and fruits which are mixed and she gets of course most of her food through milk. I try not to think too much of it, so long she is growing, it’s all good but it’s a fine line between being careful and being anxious. 

She is a happy little girl and she makes our life more active. We haven’t done that much things (visit places,  meet our friends, have quality time) ever since M and I moved together almost. Somehow,  she gives us a big load of energy. I am very proud that M is her dad. I can see him in her, even if she has her own personality. And yesterday fir the first time, someone told us that she looks like me! My mum heart was happy! 

Three minutes to seven. She just woke up, so I’ll give her breakfast. Have a good weekend! 

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