Some months ago, I read a book about shopping stop. I also read one about how to tight up your belongings. And recently,  we watched this documentary about minimalism. I’m not a pervers in this area, but I think since a couple of years that we have too much things at home. And that we don’t use everything at all. We always use the same things. This is also very obvious with a baby at home: we got a lots of gifts, I bought some things on eBay and she is growing pretty quickly. We have few closets at home,  so we have to filter what will stay at home for yhe memory or eventually for a little brother or sister and what have to find another place to be useful. 

I have sold many of Z’s stuff on eBay but I thought that I had to live according to my principles as well. So I took a big look into my closet,  storted out what I use and what I never use and put things on eBay.  It works! I’ll not get rich on this but at least, I feel like I have at home things I use and like and others have a better home. 

I feel more responsible too. Since it’s kind of a job to sell things, I don’t want to buy new ones if I don’t need them. This makes my head clearer.

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