Sunny sunday

The days follow each others but don’t look alike. (or how it is said in english…). today is sunday anyway and we got a good night (at least I did, M got a good sleeping morning). It is really sunny and we took a walk outside. I made it longer with a so called “power walk” and I was so willing to run! But I didn’t and sticked to a quick walk. It is only five weeks ago my body gave birth to Z and even it the leaking went well so far, I don’t want to be überambitious.

I discovered a new podcast by the way, and since it is an inspiring one, I thought I would share it on here. It is in swedish and is called “motivationspodden”. Olof Röhlander & Andreas Carlsson talk about motivation, creativity, frustration and so on, related to how to succeed in what you like. Quite good to hear some motivating talks and how you can trick your mind to think life is not boring by having kind of a plan. Or not. They take ideas and twist them in both directions. So if you don’t agree with one of their directions, you will with the other :)

To illustrate this post, I’ll put a picture of hands. Because a lots of things we do begin with an action of our hands. What will these little hands do later? Good things I hope!


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