We did it!

Thank you everyone for the wishes yesterday,  we made it!

I was pretty nervous about travelling alone with a four weeks old Z but it went well! She slept and ate on the train. She enjoyed to be carried when we walked to the ambassy.  I did not forget any papper for the administration. We managed to take the train back home and even met our neighbour on the train,  so we had a nice chat. Z may have been inspired because when we came home, she “talked” for the first time. Until this moment,  she had only three modes: quiet, a little “complain” and a loud cry. Yesterday,  she discovered that she can use her voice with mutilple variations. It was so cute!

Now, she is officially both French and Swedish. I hope she will find it useful and I will make all what I can to give her the French part. I’ve been living abroad for so long now that I’m not sure if I’ll give her a part of the real France or only my old vision of it. Anyway, we already talk French (version 2003, year when I left France) together and she replies in baby-langage.

This Saturday is blessed: she went to bed at 21.30, slept until 3 (M took this meal) and agsin at 7.30. I hear her “talking”  in her bed through the baby phone, she sounds happy. I’m too since I got a long sleep. M takes back the sleep ge lacked this week. The weather seems grey and bleh but we can for sure find something to do today,  even if it contains a lits of baby cuddles. 

Have a nice weekend! 

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