When things deserve a second chance

These things got to get used today! Last time, it was on Christmas day. Oh, I talk about the mascara and eye liner, because I did wash my hands and I did brush my teeth since Christmas of course! (?)

As a mum since 4 weeks, today is the first occasion for me to wear some make up. Well, you decide by yourself what is a good occasion but to go to the French ambassy to declare Z is one to me. Plus that it will be her first train travel. Plus that it will be her first time in the capital of Scandinavian (ad they wrote at Stockholm airport, but honestly,  Oslo,  Helsinki abd Copenhagen are pretty cool too! They should share the price). I am kind of nervous for this travel, I have to manage it together with Z needs of food,  changing diaper, avoiding cold viruses. Wish me luck! 

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