23 days

Z is 23 days old. My brother in law is turning 30 years old today. I feel 34 years old and I can guess that M feels 10000 years old. 

Why do I feel my normal age? Easy peasy! Because I slept from 21:30 to 5:00 last night. And the night before as well. M took the 2 o’clock meals with Z and let me have sooo much hours of sleep in a row. Thank you my dear husband! 

Why do I guess that M is feeling so old? Yeah, same answer than above plus that he works during the week. Oh, don’t missunderstand me: it is kind of a work as well to be at home with a newborn,  but I don’t need to commute in train or to be on time for appointments and so. 

Z must feel that weekends are special. She uses to sleep some hours in the morning but she did not do it today and instead slept some hours, ate a little,  cried, and all this in repeat. She is sleeping right now, and I hope she will sleep a good hour more and then wake up hungry. It’s not easy to find rutines…

For now, a review from a Swedish book. Because yeah, I’ve been reading a book (almost done!). Det är inte du, det är dom. From the authors of the blog hormon och hemorrojder. A big thank you H for this gift, this was one of the best consolation I could get during these first difficult weeks with our newborn. Away the picture of a pink babylife,  with love and romantic everywhere. The descriptions were so much closer to our reality than what everyone described (for example “cosy to breastfeed” meaning for me cosy to go around all day half naked with a hungry baby and bleeding breasts , “enjoy the baby time” meaning for me enjoy not being enough for your kid, “sleep as soon as your baby sleeps” meaning for me no eating, no shower or no poop). I understand that other parents don’t want to scare new ones with the real reality, but personally,  I would have liked being a little prepared for these chocks. Everyone talk about their pregnancy and delivery, even if you don’t want to know, but no one talks about the baby time. I mean, in both situations,  you’ll have to deal with it as a parent, so why making it so taboo? This book would have helped me if I’ve had it before the birth of Z. A reflection though: I think that I understand it better now, when I’ve experienced some part of hell. Well, good book, that I’ll finish right after this post is published! 

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