The so called “barnvagnspromenader”

First day at home without M. It was busy, strange enough. Busy with a lots of unusual activities for me. Sleep for Z, food for Z, change diapers for Z, sleep for Z, food for me, training for me, shower for me, food for Z and this on repeat. Well, not the training part for me, I’m not that ambitious!

Around noon, it was a sleep time for Z and the sun was shining, so I took myself out for a walk with the stroller (and Z in it of course). I hate to take walk if it’s not to walk to a goal. But since it was not sure the sun would show itself later, I decided it was a good idea. I now enter the category “walkers with vehicle”. To drive a stroller almost requires some kind of driving licence, not for the rules, but for the driving part. I miss blinkers and stop lights. To cohabitate with others walkers and bicycles is not easy for me, I cannot make quick moves (yet) so I would like to inform my co-users of my planned moves with blinkers when I want to turn and stop lights when I have to check if Z is still alive in the stroller. I check about every 10 meters. This is strange how you soooo want her to sleep at some time of the day (like in the middle of the night) but how you want to see her showing big life signs at others (like on a walk in the big world outside).

We made it anyway. It was good both for her and for me to get some sun. And it felt like the spring is on its way. Too soon to believe it though.


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