Sleep is the thing I’ve always loved the most. I can’t count the days I woke up and already thought that it would be great to go to bed in the evening. I slept very good during the pregnancy,  except the two last weeks. This was nothing in comparison to how it would be when the baby was born. 

Everyone told me I should sleep a lot before the baby came. Nice advice but you cannot put hours of sleep in a storage for later. Sleep is a fresh product. I’m lucky though because I can fall asleep on demand,  so I manage to sleep when I’m given an hour.  M has more trouble. 

And the little Z? To put her to bed is like playing mikado, you know this game with sticks: you have to take them off the game one by one without any movement from the other sticks. You have the little Z in your arms, you hear her breath be more regular and calm and think: “let’s put her in bed”. You try like a ninja to get up, feel maybe a movement,  stop your move, wait a little (often in a very uncomfortable position)  snd think after a while that you can proceed. You put her in her bed, put the blanket on her and think you made it. Don’t dance for victory yet. When you dance too early,  she will for sure open both eyes,  maybe even cry and make you feel like you are an awful parent eho wants to abandon your child for your own sleep profit. 

The only thing you make when your baby is as young as Z,  you pick her up and try again. At the same time,  you may also cry because you see that it will soon be time for food again. 

I’ve been writing this post with the hope that Z would be ready to go in her bed at the end of the writing. Wish me luck. 

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