Another quick sewing project

This weekend,  we turned back our clocks with one hour to land on winter time. to me , it meant that I got up at 7 new time to eat breakfast a Sunday.  M did the same and 13 hours later, I can tell that many things have been done in the house.

I sewed some sheets for the baby’s bed this summer and today I finally found the motivation to sew two covers from another that does not fit any bed at home anymore.

It took me about 2 hours including putting the things in the right place after the job (it often is the most difficult part…) and according to Ikea, it saved us 300 Swedish crowns. not a fortune but a thing less we have at home that is useless and these sheets are more comfortable than new ones.

I borrowed a book yesterday at the library called “shopstop” and it is precisely about consumption. I’m already against shopping by princip but with a baby (and new needs) coming,  I find it hard to find the right balance between reusing and buying new. we don’t even know what we really will need. 

I have to stop myself a little tjoug with my own things. when I see my closet,  I think “oh, so much things!” and want to give 70% to charity. at the same time, I forget that these 70% of my clothes cannot be worn right now but will be very useful after that the baby is born… 

Ok  enough for tonight, I’ll read and sleep probably within 30 min. good night!

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