The knitting and sewing project of the week

I bought some wool last week and sticked a blanket.

This morning, I sew fabric on one side of it to make the whole package cosier.

I began with measuring the blanket (I sticked until I did not have any whool left) and then I cut a piece of fabric larger with 4 cm on each side. I ironed the sides. 

And then I sewed them together. The hardest part was to maintain the blanket in the right place in the fabric but the sewing itself was no problem. 

Now let’s see if it will be useful . I am wondering if I will sew otjer things but I am skeptical about the real needs and I don’t want to have too much useless things at home. it’s anyway enough for today. it’s raining as hell outside and i wonder if I will put myself in bed again and enjoy a film or something. 

Week 32 and two months to due date. now  I feel heavier. my belly is in my way and the baby inside stretches sometimes out from its space,  like in my lungs and that’s not very enjoyable.  on another hand  it proves that the baby is alive, and that’s good.

Oh I see now all my sewing things on the kitchen table and think “who will put them in the right place now…” me of course. .  

Enjoy your Sunday! 

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