Playing hide and seek

Pfuii… This is the sound I make every time I move more than just my eyelids. Week 34 coming tomorrow,  meaning 6 weeks left (according to the planning)  until we get to meet the person who’s playing hide and seek with me.


I’m currently lying in our bed, deciding myself if I’ll read or watch a video,  you know, this kind of useful things you can do when you’re tired but don’t want to switch the light at 8 o’clock. Anyway. When I lay down,  the belly becomes a playground where the inhabitant believes he/she got chosen to take part of the first commercial flight to Mars. -well, I don’t know how it would be, but if it were me, I would take this as an argument to spend hours in special places where the gravity effects are turned down- it’s such a life in there that it is uncomfortable for me. 

And the funny thing is : as soon as I take the blanket off and the belly is in the light, it stops! And if I put the blanket on again, hop, the space ship to mars is on again!

I worked from home this afternoon and to take my tee shirt off my belly was the way to work in peace. Strange, huh?

On the picture bellow, you can also admire my belly button, poiting out. Sexy, huh? I really hope it will turn back to normal when the baby baking process is done.

From a thing to another, I signed for the first time with my new surname today. it was for my new passport and I wonder if I ever will be able to make the same signature again. we habe been married for some weeks now, but it took really long time to the Swedish authorities to register it. now  we have to make the same with France. I’ll finish this post the same way I began it: pfuiii…

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