This weekend was in the name of friendship. I met my best friend in Oslo between Friday and today Sunday.

Oslo is a nice city if you want calm and things to see. There is almost no noices in the city and you can walk everywhere. 

We went to thr national museum, to the opera to see a dance part, we saw pretty much the whole town (Vigeland will have to show his statues next time). 

We only had some difficulties to find somewhere to eat, but we managed at the end. No one of us gets home hungry.

I also feel like it was the last weekend before the baby arrives when I will travel, I felt pretty heavy. I’m right now waiting for my train back home, longing to kiss my husband good night, late tonight (arrival scheduled at 23). I habe Monte Cristo in the ears, so enough to manage the long travel back home.

Thanks P for this nice weekend in your company! You’re great!

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