Creative sunday!

I woke up way to early for a sunday but couldn’t fall asleep again. So I went up, ate breakfast at the candle lights and began to “work”. Last week, I decided to sew a band around our carpet in the living room, since our hooverrobot likes to eat the fringes. But what for a good/bad idea: good, because it makes the carpet all clean and protected from the robot but bad because it killed my hands and back and neck and took so much time! But I finished this work today, taking rests and making something else in between.

The something else in between is mostly my illustration project. I’m now done with the poster of asian animals. I’ve done 4 new animals today, which, togheter with the others 5, completed a poster. For each animal, I was also curious and watched some videos on youtube. If you have some time to spend on youtube, I recommend you to watch how kanguroos give birth and how the baby climbes to his/her mother wounds. It’s pretty impressive. Another anmal to check is of course the platypus. I knew quite a lot about this animal, but far from everything. Check it out!

Here is my art from today:


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