Hi fellow readers!

I know, it has been a very long while but my silence on here is soon over. My last article was a time ago and it happened a lot for us, M and I these past months. I changed job, M changed location of his job, we sold our falt in Linköping, we moved into a summer house in Knivsta, we bought an appartment in Uppsala, we worked a lot after a very short -for Sweden- vacation, M spent a long week end in France without me, I booked a week end in France for me and we moved again.

I am currently feeling the robot eating my feet, so maybe we can say it officially: we are done with moving for the coming 20 years!

I promise you more seriousnees on here in the cominmg days, I have thousand of experiences to share. I took some pictures this summer, but not too much. I guess I have to trust my artistical side to show you some of them trhat I would be normally proud of.

So hang on, the party is about to begin!


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