Nothing the world will remember

It is Sunday. The weeks flie and people too. I feel unnecessary when I’m sitting in our living room, with a fire burning in the fire place, food and beverages, a work to go to tomorrow and no big fears of anything. Well, this is actually wrong. I am fearing the quick thinkers from the right that don’t want people in need to get help. I am fearing the lack of action from the comfortable people. I am fearing the lack of knowledge from people spreading the news. Everyone talk right now of this poor little boy who found dead in the Mediterranean Sea and landed on a beach. He is far from being the first but people got chocked when he arrives where turists use to bath. Not in my backyard. We live north in Europe but I feel like I needed to do something and liking a Facebook post is not enough for me. Liking a Facebook post is like peeing in the sea where other in needs drown. I did not like any Facebook post, I did donate money to the UN for helping to take care of these refugees. You can do it too. This is the link to the Swedish site, but you can for sure find it in your own country:

 If you don’t have money but time, there are also a lots of things to do. 

For today, we keep on looking the rain falling.


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