One hour to go

I am sitting in the sun (!!!) in Stockholm and wait for the time to pass. Pretty nice occupation when you hear the sound of the water and watch happy people passing by.

Today, it is the French national day. And I am invited to spend it with the French ambassador in Stockholm!!  First time in ten years of living in Sweden. I tried to dress myself well, and so but I have to admit that I feel a little nervous. I am alone here and have no idea of who I will meet today, except the ambassador of course.

How many times in ones life does this kind of event happen? I mean I am a basic French girl, so this kind of invitation does not come in the mailbox every day like that. It’s actually the first time of my life. 

And how many times does it happen that you go to a meeting to hang around with people without knowing a single one? This is exciting! And scary…


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