The troubles of a grass cutter

My fellow readers,

I have to tell you a story, the story of the girl from the city that moved out to the jungle and wanted to make it civilized. Title: colonization. Or maybe the civlizator.

Everything began some weeks ago. A little French girl moved to the country side and discovered a whole jungle of grass around the house she would hire for the coming months. She decided to make it more city-alike and cut the grass. First by hand and then with the machine. It worked pretty ok, even if she sweated liters.

One wonderful mornings, she took a walk in the almost civilized garden and saw a little piece of metal that was shining in the summer sun. She went closer and discovered this:

Totally clean, it was the half of the knives holder from the cutting machine. Sight… She knew that it is very dangerous to cut grass if the knives can fly away, so she googled and found out that it can take some times to get a new piece to change it.

After some more research and many phone calls, she finally found a shop selling the piece, so she drove there and almost got lost in the big forest. She heard wolfed and hurried to the shop. Her grand mother had very long teeth she thought, so she got back to the car and drove back home, with the piece.

At home, she took the machine, put it on its back and tried to unscrew the knives. She did not had the right tool of course, so she went to her neighbors and borrowed a tool. She did not succeed in unscrewing the screw, it was a way too strong screwed. She sent an email to the landlord that should pass by on Friday and beg him to fix that at the same time. So she will not cut grass before one week, depending on how the rain is falling.

During all this time, every piece of grass is smiling and becoming uncivilized again. It grows and grows. Up to the sky!

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