Best of Linköping

So, our time in Linköping is almost over. 5 full days left. I am not sure how I can describe my feelings for now. I’ve been living here since May 2011, and 4 years for me is a long time at the same place.

I lived in one appartment first. Tried to play rugby again, but realized that it was too much for me. I began at this first job in Linköping, everything new, a lots of new names and things to learn.

I got some troubles with my motorbike during a travel south but it put me in M’s arms eventually. I sold my motorbike by the way half a year later and now, with the time, I don’t regret it. It was a lot of paying for so little rides.

During the summer 2012, I went to my first festival ever: The Norberg festival. It was really sunny, and the mood was perfect! We had so little vacations this year, it was our only travel for the summer. Some days later, I sold my flat in Eskilstuna. I remember how much time it took and how desperate I was. It got solve at the end!

We started also a friday tradition in Linköping: The friday bubbles!


We also grew tired of this tradition in Linköping: Xmas 2014 was full of bubbles and when the normal fridays arrived after that, neither M nor I wanted to have bubbles, so we have been pretty “bubblesober” since then. Maybe time to make this tradition come to life again?

My parents went to celebrate the first Xmas in Linköping. It was a grey weather and not the best to show the city. Then, the spring came, and the summer as well. We spent a lots of time travelling between Linköping and Ljungby on the week ends and this period felt a little like we were not good to our respective friends. We spent 3 weeks on the road in France. We went to two weddings this spring as well.

M moved in with me after a little while and to see his name on our door was one really nice view. It was a relief to stop this distance relationship and to have some every day life together, even if M had to be 3 days away every week. The spring came again and during the summer, we went to France to another festival and then spent a week in Berlin. And we were to Paris too, and to my sister place, and went skiing in Combloux and were on Gotland, in San Francisco, in Germany road tripping. We did not spend a lots of time in Linköping during our free time as you see.  Actually, when I’m writing that, I have a lots of difficulties to remember what we’ve done wich year. I remember every moment but cannot put them in the good chronological order. Well, thanks Blogg to keep my memories in the right order!

We bought a car as well. Luxury but it was usefull sometimes too. Now that we are moving on the country side, this is definitivly an investment that we had to do anyway.

We took two long walks in the Nature around: one in Omberg and one around Nyköping. This is not much… But I ran very lot kilometers in the Eklandskap, which is just around the corner from our appartment. We were to Norrköping some times, but really not a lot, like 2 times.

We also got to move in in our current appartment and the day we got the keys, we were so happy! It will be a sad moment to close the door with the appartment empty for the last time I guess… We liked it so much! The period around the moving was very stressy, with a change of job for me (my second already in Linköping) and a planned vacation trip to the Alps. Thank the moving men, it went all good!


We also bought a lots of furnitures (well, a table, a biiiig bed, Puffo) and get ridden off a lots of stuff as well. We had like two households so we gave away the half. Now, when i think of the future, I want to get rid off even more stuffs. For the coming house, I will only buy the necessary storage and the rest, I just won’t. Let’s see how that will work!

We received some visits as well, as least ten, often from far away and we enjoid it! I am not sure though of which kind of impression Linköping let in the mind of our visitors. We had kind of bad luck a couple of times with a very bad weather and some other times, it was all ok.

The sad part of moving is to let people behind you. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t plan to break all the contacts but with the distance, things get more bruised somehow. I appreciate and thank everyone for the talks, the laughs and the moments shared but here come some special thanks from people I met and hung out here in Linköping:

– thank you H for the regularly training with you, you motivated me more than anyone during these years to move my ass!

– thank you J for the help for the moving to Linköping, you were my first contact with the city and it felt good to have you around!

– thank you Å for the laughs and the humour you always bring with you!

– thank you E for the regularly blod givning meetings. Without you, I would have found some bad excuses not to go and give blod, but with you, it was done on time and with pleasure!

– thank you U for the many discussions lately! Good luck in Göteborg!

– thank you L for your indestructible positivity! And also the motivation for the runnings on fridays. Let’s see what the next challenge will be!

-thank E&L for being such nice neighbourgs. Just so sad that we had so little time together.

– thank P&E for the nice times and above all, your presence during the 6th of june ceremony in 2012 when I became Swede. It meant a lot to me that you were with me and shared this moment!

That was the nostalgic post of the week end. I rather write about it when we still have a lots of fixing to do, then I don’t think too much. This is a new page that is coming around in our life and I am pretty excited to be there and to write it!

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