My first june the 6th as a swede

today was a very sunny and special day. First of all, i woke up with the feeling that a bulldozer drove over my body the whole night. True? not. It was just the memory of my run of yesterday night. I am not that fit, i tell you! So i tried to get up (took its little time) and i prepared myself to go to the city hall: i was invited there to celebrate the fact that i became a swede last october. So hop hop hop, on my bycicle and direction the city hall.


We were about 50-70 people invited and we were served a little drink. We were waiting for the celebration to beginn as i saw my friend P and his wife E and their little sweetie A coming in the room. Oh what for a surprise!! They came specially for me! I was so touched, i was just expecting to spend this moment alone, get my gift and go home after that, but no,  people has decided to spend this moment with me. I cried some tears (and btw, E too and she said it was ok, so it was!).

We entered the main room from the city hall and after a litlle talk from the major, they called each of us, new swedes, to the stage to get a gift. It was an honour the shake hands with her and with the county director or i don’t know how she is called.

After that, the 4 of us went downtown for a drink and a lunch in the sun. Mervellous!


After the lunch we took the direction of Valla where the municipality had planned the celebration of the swedish national day. It was a looooot of people there in the sun enjoying music and company. We made it weel with the first strawberries of the year and when the music stopped, i took my bycicle ride home and was very happy of this surprise and also very tired of the sun.


You, readers from south europa, you cannot imagine how important the sun is for the head. And how some degreesare making it easier to live!

So now, i am off to bed after a good day! once again, thanks P and E for this day!! :)